Facebook Shows Off New Surround 360 Camera Design

Facebook’s F8 event has proven to be a boon for exciting announcements, one of which is Facebook’s newly designed Surround 360 professional VR Camera.

Two models were introduced – the x24, with 24 cameras arranged around a newly redesigned casing, and the smaller x6, a much more compact surround camera, with just 6 cameras. The design has been changed a lot from the original holder of the Surround 360 moniker – from a flying-saucer shape to a basketball.

The two camera’s main feature is the ability to capture content that will allow viewer 6 degrees of freedom within the captured virtual reality – or 6DoF in VR parlance. 6DoF technology allows the viewer to look up, down, left and right in the normal manner, but at the same time allow movement forwards, backwards, rolling forward and backward, left and right, and rotating in place.

mike-shroepfer-f8-surround 360

This is in contrast to standard VR capture devices of the current generation, which does not allow the viewer to move away from the plane of capture in the original recording – you’re stuck looking around wherever the original camera was capturing the scene from. 6DoF will allow new levels of immersion; it’s like having a time machine that can revisit the captured scene anytime you want.

No price has been set yet, but if its competitors are any indiction, we might be seeing pricing in the 20 to 30k USD range.

Here’s a video posted by Facebook of their F8 Event.

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