Esports in VR Coming This May

E-sports has long established its bona fide viability both as entertainment and source of income for e-sport athletes. And now E-sports is taking advantage of VR, in the upcoming VR tournament featuring the Oculus Rift’s spell-casting game The Unspoken.

Unfortunately, the tournament is to be held only in North America, at Microsoft stores in various regions of Canada and the US. Local, regional, and final rounds will be held based on 80 Microsoft store locations. Prizes, while not unsubstantial, can’t (yet) compare to the established e-sport titles currently used in tournaments.

The competition will be held starting May 15, with the regional fight held on May 20, and the finals on June 3, to be held at Microsoft’s flagship store in New York City.


The grand prize winner will receive an Oculus Rift plus Touch controllers, an ASUS VivoPC X Oculus Ready PC, as well as $1250 in cash. Regional winners will be treated to $150 and a round-trip ticket to New York plus lodging, while local winners will receive $100 in Oculus Store credit.The competition is being prepared with the help of Microsoft, Asus, the electronic sports League, and Insomniac Games, the creator of The Unspoken.

This is certainly good news, as e-sports and VR will have their own adherents, and combining strengths will be good for both industries. I look forward to seeing more players and more games come to the fore in VR e-sports.

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