CyberSnake: The Nokia Snake in AR

Be the Snake in your old Nokia phone, using AR. CyberSnake is a HoloLens application now available for free in the Microsoft Store.

Lucas Rizzotto, creator of the chemistry student-friendly app MyLab, re-imagined the classic 2D “Snake” game into a mixed-reality tour-de-force that gives users a taste of both nostalgia and cutting edge gameplay, at least in terms of interaction.


Following the original formula of a growing tail that progressively limits your movement as you consume more “dots” (burgers in this instance), CyberSnake makes the user move and jive like a 70’s disco diva, perhaps to the amusement of bystanders and to the user as well. AR also naturally makes the game interactive in regards to the chosen surroundings, so your sofa, table, walls become the arena that you as the snake moves around in.

Rizzotto added the ability to “blow up” part of the tail to ease movement; a game mechanic unique to CyberSnake. To see more details about the game, check out his links here:

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