Unigine Superposition Benchmark is VR Ready

There’s a new player in the benchmarking business, and it ain’t 3DMark. The Unigine Superposition Benchmark has been released, and it’s designed to work great on VR performance testing too.

superposition3The benchmark is a departure from the start-it-and-wait competition; superposition has more than 900 objects that the user can interact with, and this interaction is designed in a way that’s unobstrusive and realistic. This is especially apparent when this benchmark is used in a VR setting using either the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.

SuperPosition versionsDo note however that its VR capability is only available on its advanced and professional versions, which cost $19.95 and $995 respectively. For free users, most of whom are probably gamers eager to test out their hardware, Superposition is a fresh breath of air and a fun way to stress test a PC.

Advanced users are able to participate in a global leaderboard, and all users can use the benchmark to monitor their rig’s performance.

As the video above shows, the benchmark is a polished example of rendered graphics, and should prove a challenge even for the best of the best graphics cards. The VR interactivity is even more impressive, check it out:



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