Microsoft Releasing Controllers for Mixed Reality

There’s one glaring omission with Microsoft’s mixed reality headset when compared to high-end virtual reality headsets: Controllers. This will soon be addressed this holiday season when Microsoft releases their mixed reality motion controllers, which looks like Oculus Touch controllers with Christmas lights attached.

Acer MR Headset

This is significant news because of the planned compatibility of these controllers with not only Microsoft’s own Hololens, but with Microsoft’s partner manufacturers like Acer and Lenovo. These less expensive headsets are targeted at the regular user who doesn’t see any incentive to splurge on a high-end gaming PC and expensive headsets but would still like to try out VR more convincing than what mobile VR can offer.

Microsoft has so far confirmed the following:

  • The controllers will come bundled with the Acer VR headset for $400 and be available on retail shelves this holiday season
  • The controllers offer 6 DOF tracking, and are tracked within your field of view using the sensors in the headset and in the controllers
  • Additional sensor technology coming soon could extend the controller’s tracking abilities outside of the headset’s field of view


Also exciting is these controller’s impending compatibility with the upcoming updated Xbox known under the alias Project Scorpio, which will potentially further reach millions of console users and further increasing exposure to virtual reality as a whole and mixed reality specifically.

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